Jecostone® System

Currently in the textile industry, in particular DENIM’s, to obtain vintage, aged or scratched effects on fabrics or finished clothing, are used mechanical treatments, which involve the use of abrasives of various kinds: pumice, Leca, synthetic poly-composites, minerals , etc. Their use, in rotary or dynamic machines, determines the following drawbacks:

  • Destruction of the abrasives after few treatments, therefore with the production of a lt waste to dispose of;
  • Deterioration of the machinery used;
  • Exclusive use of the machinery for this type only of process;
  • High consumption of of water, energy and chemicals;
  • High number of washes to eliminate various powders and residues;
  • Presence of fine dust on treated cloths;
  • High processing costs.

In order to answer to the economic and environmental needs GRUPPO ITEXA has patented the JECOSTONE® system.

JECOSTONE® system was thought, created and patented by GRUPPO ITEXA also with the precious co-operation of professional figures outside the Company.
JECOSTONE® system is composed by multi-fiber needle-punched inserts, with high elastic memory power, dynamic and modular resistance.
JECOSTONE® system has an inert side, used to anchor to textile machinery and an “active” side treated with permanent abrasives.
The inserts cover almost completely the drum and are applicable to every type and brand of washing machine currently in commerce, from sample or production.
JECOSTONE® is easy to be applied and removed, economically advantageous and environmentally sustainable.

JECOSTONE® system is available in different versions.



JECOSTONE® system eliminate all the negative effects given by the use of standard abrasives.

The advantages are the following:

  • Drastic reduction of timing and relied working costs;
  • Elimination of fine dust, sludge and wastewater, as JECOSTONE® does not release any residue and the material is completely recyclable;
  • Improvements in work environments;
  • Reduction of logistics costs;
  • Elimination of fine dust on finished cloths.

JECOSTONE® is now available in rolls of h. 1,50 mt. x 12,00 mt.

JECOSTONE® system is completely produced in Italy by GRUPPO ITEXA srl.